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Signage Installation Service

If you are purchasing a large number of signs, perhaps on a regular basis, and simply do not have the time or resource to spare to install them in-house, then why not enquire about our sign installation service.

We are able to install most non-electrical internal signs, where there is no requirement for specialist working at height equipment to be used other than ladders or staging. External site signage can also be installed.

We can install signs at a time that is convenient to you, whether during your normal opening hours or out of hours, overnight, weekends, bank holidays. Hospitals, schools, offices and colleges for example may prefer out of hours installations where traffic-flow is less and we won't disturb anybody, hotels for example may have a smaller window of opportunity between check-out and check-in times.

Our installation services can be used on an as and when, fixed schedule or contract basis.

We are based in Berkshire, but distance is no object if the number of signs to be installed makes it worthwhile for both parties.

We are happy to provide samples of signs that you may be interested in before committing to have them installed where possible.

The signage we are able to supply goes far beyond those catalogued within this website, so if you need different sizes, custom designs, prestige signs or logo inclusion perhaps, we can do that too.

We will always discuss the fixing method before installation for example using stickers, tapes & adhesives, or screws, to agree a level of permanance. The location of the signs will be pre-determined to a plan agreed by you. If you are occupying a building on a short-term repairing lease then consideration should be made to the potential damage you may need to make good when signs are removed, on a long term basis then perhaps less important.

It doesn't matter if you need several of the same sign installed or many individual signs installed.

There is not a rate card for this service as each job, premises and location differs vastly, so if you need someone to install your signs quickly, professionally, cheaply and with minimal disruption please get in touch to discuss your requirement. Often the cost of having your signs supplied and installed by TCOB is less than many companies charge for the signs alone.

Sign Removal

As well as putting signs up, we are able to take them down too! If you are vacating a premises, changing signage or relocating your signs we can also assist here, again causing as little disruption and damage as possible. We wont simply rip signs off walls taking half the wall with it, and we will remove any residual adhesives from walls, doors and windows, keeping your premises tidy as we go.

See also details of our sign maintenance services.

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