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Sign HW8

Panoramic Overhead Hazard Sign

Price Excl. VAT
HW8-V1 - 300mm x 100mm Self Adhesive Vinyl £1.35     
HW8-R1 - 300mm x 100mm Rigid Plastic (1mm) £2.16     
HW8-P1 - 300mm x 100mm Photoluminescent (RP) £4.50     
HW8-V2 - 450mm x 150mm Self Adhesive Vinyl £4.86     
HW8-R2 - 450mm x 150mm Rigid Plastic (1mm) £6.30     
HW8-V3 - 600mm x 200mm Self Adhesive Vinyl £6.30     
HW8-R3 - 600mm x 200mm Rigid Plastic (1mm) £9.90     
HW8-P2 - 450mm x 150mm Photoluminescent (RP) £10.08     
HW8-P3 - 600mm x 200mm Photoluminescent (RP) £15.30     

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Style: The corners of this sign have been clipped to give rounded edges.

Orientation: Panoramic

If you would like us to supply your rigid plastic signs pre-drilled just add a message in the shopping cart requesting this - we do not charge extra for this service.

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