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Sign LW19: In The Event Of Fire Do Not Use This Lift Sign

Sizes & Material Options
Price Excl. VAT
300mm x 100mm Self Adhesive Vinyl     
[LW19-3V, Panoramic]
600mm x 200mm Self Adhesive Vinyl     
[LW19-6V, Panoramic]
300mm x 100mm Rigid Plastic (1mm)     
[LW19-3R, Panoramic]
600mm x 200mm Rigid Plastic (1mm)     
[LW19-6R, Panoramic]
300mm x 100mm Photoluminescent (RP)     
[LW19-P1, Panoramic]
450mm x 150mm Photoluminescent (RP)     
[LW19-P2, Panoramic]
600mm x 200mm Photoluminescent (RP)     
[LW19-P3, Panoramic]

In the event of fire do not use this lift sign.

The corners of this sign have been clipped to give rounded edges.

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